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Activity/materials Application of building information modelling
Azonosítási szám ?
Tevékenység típusa Intensive course
EKKR-Level —-
Area BIM x

easily, without paper, anywhere

Communication between designer and contractor, presentation and coordination applications for computers, mobile phones

Digital model means no more paper on site or in meetings. All relevant model data is at hand for easy access and sharing.

Target groups Theorists

Teachers, trainers


Entry requirements Graduation professional, qualification, work experience

Course – Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Provider/training location Educational institution:Kecskeméti Szakképzési Centrum Gáspár András Technikum; 6000 2 Hunyadi János square, Kecskemét

Ceremonial Hall

Contact details of the provider Zoltán Jóljárt



Lecturer/ Zoltán Jóljárt

civil engineer-architect

Technical instructor with 30 years of experience in construction and design at  technical School.

Date, course duration 2023.02.15

duration: 8.00-16.00

Time schedule Full time
Price per person/personal fee •                  – Cost of the activity: 80000 FT / course

•                 – Cost of materials: –

Maximum number of participants maximum number of participants: 30
Financing options Comment:

financed by the Vocational Centre of Kecskemét

Description of the activity
Identification number of the activity/unit ?
Objectives/competence area To familiarise the trainers with the essence of building information modelling and its potential applications in the painting profession

Clients who are not familiar with reading 2D plans will understand the plan immediately when they see the project in 3D.

Learning tasks 1.Interpretation of the architectural plans and design documents.

2.How the different plan sheets are related to each other, how the floor plans, sections and facades are connected and how the 3D building model is created.

3.Easy to use BIMx, no need to know CAD based programs (e.g. Archicad, Autocad, Allplan..)

4.Help to calculate quantities and to understand the realities

5. – downloadable models

Theory -She/he knows the content of the design documentation, knowledge of architectural plans

-She/he knows Building Information Modelling at user level information gaining possibilities related to Building Information Modelling and in the course of his work uses them in his/her work when necessary.

Practice She/he can use internet applications to find information and new technologies

-Have access to a electronic gadget and the Internet from which design documentation can be downloaded

Responsibility and autonomy -She/he can work and calculate independently
Further information Methodology

– Key speeches

– Editing your own current project

– Active exchange of experiences

– Practical examples and expert tips

– This unit is included in the Hungarian training programme

If you own a BIM model, please bring it with you to the course!

Your own laptop, tablet or smartphone is required for the course.

Assessment of the activity
Assessment comittee —–
Assessment basis —–
Assessment criteria —–
PSA certificate Confirmation of the  participation in the activity.
Recommendations-if required
Advice on personal career planning Individual recommendations.

Career opportunities.