Introduction to Skillsbank 

Skillsbank is a web-based toolkit targeting career guidance, recognition of prior learning, and support for individual training. It uses principles based on European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and European Qualification Framework (EQF). By aggregating learning outcomes into qualifications, Skillsbank supports individualised career paths towards formalised qualifications and certificates. Skillsbank is multilingual, facilitating its international use.

Skillsbank offers several important tools. The first is a tool for creating learning outcomes, which are combined into matrices to create specific qualifications. The learning outcomes can be divided into specified descriptions of competences, knowledge and skills, after the ECVET-model.

Skillsbank also offers a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment module. Here, each learning outcome can be self-assessed by the user. External assessors can then go through the results, and provide the necessary validation. The final report on the assessment is included in the user’s competence portfolio.

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