Skillstube is an extension of our Skillsbank service. It allows for the user to upload video recordings of their competences in a specific qualification. It also allows for the showcasing of “best practice” videos done by professionals, to teach the learners how to conduct a specific task. These videos can then be linked to a competence or learning outcome.

Skillstube uses ECVET principles for precise descriptions of learning outcomes. The use of learning outcomes, as done in Skillsbank, can be very effective in formulating a precise qualification. However, this form of competence documentation fails to capture tacit knowledge, which cannot be correctly described and documented through verbal articulation or written descriptions. A better way to document such competences and skills would be through practical performance. With a distinction between competences that can be fully described by verbal means, and competences that can only be fully documented through illustration, video recordings of practical performances can serve as a valuable tool to document the tacit knowledge.

By using Skillstube in combination with Skillsbank, the user can show their competences to the fullest, and gain a worthy validation of their knowledge.