Skillsbanks targets

The main aim of Skillsbank is to draw on and elaborate previous experiences from projects like VQTS (, SME Master ( ), PERMEVET ( and DISCO ( )as well as the more general outcomes from the EU Commission ECVET pilot projects. Functioning as a multiplier project, Skillsbank is integrating a variety of Learning Outcome based approaches to enhance and facilitate the structuring of qualifications and occupational profiles relevant for vocational education and training, career guidance and recognition of prior learning.
Skillsbank is designed towards improving career guidance and recognition of prior learning towards individuals that need advice related to their further career. Individuals can define their aggregated skills and competences towards matrixes of qualifications and occupational profiles. This will meet the needs of people on the brink of being excluded from working life  or those trying to enter new jobs in a changing employment market.
The main target of Skillsbank is to bridge between descriptions of qualifications and occupational profiles and career guidance. The web based service complies with descriptions and definitions of qualifications according to the ECVET and EQF principles where learning outcomes are organised in structured matrixes. A module for recognition of prior learning is integrated into the system to strengthen the quality of the guidance process. Optional external assessments and recognition of prior learning are linked to defined learning outcomes.
Skillsbank is developed as a multilingual service, presently covering Bulgarian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Portuguese. To further facilitate the use of Skillsbank in a mobility/migration perspective, indexing in additional languages is available through the DISCO web service for describing the learning outcomes constituting a qualification. The use of an indexing service facilitates the bridging between ESCO descriptions and the Skillsbank structure and guidance options.