Project outputTasksLeader
PR1: Didactic guidelines for training staff in green professionsDevelopment, testing and evaluation
of a qualification concept for
VET personnel (“Digitalisation expert
in VET”) to acquire the necessary professional, personnel and digital
skills for the use of immersive technologies (AR, VR, 360 °
videos) and 3D (bio-) printing in practical training environment.
PR2: Learning scenariousDevelop, test, and evaluates the integration of AR, VR, 360° videos and 3D (bio-) printing scenarios in practical training. Develop teaching and learning materials to provide training examples for VET teachers and trainers qualification as well as use in existing trainings.SBG-Dresden
PR3: Immersive training hubs for AR/VR and 3D (bio-) printing for establishing innovative didactic WBL settings in green professions (“ARtemis hubs”)Establish and operate three
different didactic innovation training hubs. They are based on
PR1 and PR 2 to qualify the
teaching personnel the right way
with the right content
and methodological approaches.
The hubs enable the creation of relevant teaching material and media by using AR, VR, 360° and 3D (bio-) printing.

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