BeWell Blueprint Alliance for a Future Health Workforce Strategy on Digital and Green Skills

The BeWell project aims to form an alliance, to build a movement of all healthcare stakeholders supporting and committed to the development, implementation, and upscaling of the strategy on upskilling and reskilling of the European health workforce.

The ultimate project aim is to develop a green and digital skills strategy for the health ecosystem that can be implemented at a local, regional, national, and ultimately at the European level through the Pact for Skills. By addressing the existing skill mismatches and strengthening these competencies, the project will enable the health workforce to be better prepared to face future challenges and adapt to ever-evolving societal contexts. To do this, the project will build comprehensive curricula and training programmes that will target all professionals of the health workforce, including for health students, health professionals (nurses, doctors, operators, managers) and professionals of emerging occupations. The training programmes co-created by universities, VET providers and companies will reach the target populations through initial education and continuing professional development.

The project methodology is developed based on principles to respect and unite the diversity of Europe’s health ecosystem: Patient centeredness; collaboration and co-creation; inclusiveness and diversity; Inter-sectorality; comparative research; dynamic coverage; digital skills for skill-mix innovations in care integration; green skills, and; environmental sustainability and responsible practice.

The consortium consists of 24 beneficiaries and 5 associated partners from 11 countries.The geographical diversity in partners ensures the representation of different cultural, social, political, educational structures, values and traditions. The partnership brings together a substantial and diverse pool of leaders representing stakeholders in the health sector at regional, national, and European levels.

Project website (to be updated)