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Job-based Intensiv-Workshop

UNIT 1 Business Administration and Marketing

UNIT 1-1 to 1-4

Ident number of the activity / UNIT L5_U1
Activity type Two-day intensive workshop
EQF-Level 5
Field This workshop allows to build up new knowledge and at the same time to develop your own conception as far as possible.

Topics: Business management, technical innovations as well as employee management and digitalization. The event also serves the professional and personal exchange of participants.

The speaker with practical experience is available as a sparring partner. Direct speaker feedback and an undisturbed working atmosphere enable concentrated work on your project.

Target group Foremen*, employees with relevant work experience, employees with knowledge, skills, abilities at EQF level 5.
Entry requirement People with EQF level 5 or equivalent; people with advanced skills (work experience, additional qualifications, further training) who are proficient in their field.
Provider, place of learning


Wirtschaftsgesellschaft des Bayerischen Maler- und Lackiererhandwerks mbH
Place of learning:

Bildungszentrum Kloster Banz, D – 96231 Bad Staffelstein

Contact details of the provider Wirtschaftsgesellschaft des Bayerischen Maler- und Lackiererhandwerks mbH

Contact person: Max Müller
Ungsteiner Strasse 27

D – 81539 München

Telefon: +49 89 600 876 630

Lecturer / Trainer Speakers:

Wolfgang Krauß, Oliver Nicolai, Markus Haberland, Volker Busch, Haisam Zehrawi,

Andreas Oberle, Michael Bildl, Sabine Gutzeit, Josef Kröll, Claudia Auernhammer

Dates, duration of the activity Dates: 26.-17.01.2023

Times: 10.00-17.00 hrs.

Duration: 2 days face-to-face workshop

Temporal utilization Full time, 14 hours
Prices per person (participant) 349,00 € plus 19 % VAT

The price per person includes the seminar participation & documents, drinks during breaks & lunch, certificate of attendance.

Max. Number of participants max. 80 persons
Funding opportunities
Ident number of the activity / UNIT L5_U1
Goals / field of competence The participants* receive a complete overview of current topics for painting and varnishing businesses for implementation in practice: business management, employee management, technology in the painting and varnishing trade and digitalization (EDP). Take responsibility for decision making in unpredictable work or learning contexts.

Description of detailed objectives/contents (detailed objectives).

Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:

Training tasks Description of detailed goals / content (fine goals). Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:

Topics Business Administration:

·        The painting trade – a trade with a future.

·        Simple balance sheet analysis as an important basis for business management.

·        Current issues around tax law.

Topics Employee management:

·        Motivation with heart and brain.

·        Our language – The right mood for closing.

Topics Technology:

·        What are the basics for healthy living?

·        Lime-bound products, 2-in-1 coating for the facade.

·        Waterproofing systems for balconies, terraces and arcades.

·        News from the standardization.

Topics EDP:

·        Digitalization affects us all

Knowledge Deepening and updating of above mentioned topics.
Skills Personnel responsibility. Knowledge of business management and technology in the painting and decorating trade.
Responsibility and autonomy Entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
Further informations Methodology

·        Keynote speeches

·        Active exchange of experiences

·        Practical examples and expert tips

·        Trainer as sparring partner

Please bring it with you to the workshop!

·        —

Assessment board Lecturer
Assessment basis


Assessment criteria’s
PSA certificate Confirmation of participation in the activity.
Advice on personal career planning Individual recommendations.


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Hotel and breakfastif desired (Prices on request!)
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