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Job-based Intensiv-Workshop

UNIT 11 Wallpapering

UNIT 3-1 Wallpapering Digitally designed custom wallpaper

Ident number of the activity / UNIT L4_U11-1
Activity type One-day intensive workshop
EQF-Level 4
Field This workshop enables new knowledge to be built up.

Topic: Few digital techniques are used in the painting trade, but in many areas a professional who uses the possibilities of digitization can significantly expand his range of services. The aim is to gather different opinions and experiences and to develop a concept for a final solution. In this process, the speaker with practical experience is available as a sparring partner. Direct speaker feedback and an undisturbed working atmosphere enable concentrated work.

Target group Foremen, employees with relevant work experience, employees with knowledge, skills, abilities at least at EQF level 3, trainers, teachers, Design specialists, chamber members and company representatives, personnel managers
Entry requirement Persons with vocational qualification at least at EQF level 3 or equivalent; persons with advanced skills (work experience, additional qualifications, further training); persons with technical affinity
Provider, place of learning

Kecskemét Vocational Training Center Gáspár András Technical School

6000 Hunyadi János náměstí 2, Kecskemet; ballroom


Contact details of the provider

Zoltán Jóljárt

School director


Lecturer / Trainer

Zoltán Jóljárt

(Civil engineer-architect, technical instructor with 30 years of experience in construction and design at the technical school)

Dates, duration of the activity Dates: 15.02.2023

Times: 8.00-16.00 hrs.

Duration: 1 day face-to-face workshop

Temporal utilization Full time
Prices per person (participant) 150000 FT € (equivalent to about 400 €, depending on the current exchange rate).

The price per person includes the seminar participation & documents, certificate of attendance.

Max. Number of participants max. 15 persons
Funding opportunities Financed by the Vocational Training Center Kecskemét
Ident number of the activity / UNIT L4_U11-1
Goals / field of competence Extension of the service using the possibilities of digitalization.

It uses a master painter’s communication to connect a customer (with individual needs) and a manufacturer (who produces the customized wallpaper) and then uses the expertise of the specialist staff to carry out the finishing.

The goal is for the painting company to be familiar with the technology so that it can expand its own service.

It is not that the painter makes the custom wallpaper, but that he finishes it and knows the technique.

Training tasks Description of detailed goals / content (fine goals). Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:

More and more customers want a unique design. What if the painter told the customer that he can realize any image (family photo, landscape, etc.) in any size in a room? If this is achieved, there will be an expansion of the services of painting professionals, which will promote adaptability in the labor market involving digital technologies. It is not the task of the professional to create digital wallpaper! After the client’s needs are determined, a professional is assigned to create the wallpaper in the desired size. However, the application of the wallpaper is the task of the painter, which requires new skills.

Knowledge He/she knows

·      the needs of the client (coordination of ideas – communication)

·      the requirements of the design company involved

·      the steps to apply the finished design wallpaper

·      the possible defects and connections/joints

Skills He/she can

·      decide which image can be used to realize IFresco Design Wallpaper

·      make a professional measurement

·      carry out the steps to prepare the wall surface (substrate, base color, intersections, joints)

·      professionally apply special wallpaper (non-woven)

Responsibility and autonomy He/she is able

to design and implement unique decorations.

Further informations Methodology

·        Keynote speeches

·        Editing of your own current project

·        Active exchange of experiences

·        Practical examples and expert tips

Please bring it with you to the workshop!

·        Own laptop, tablet or smartphone is required.

·        Own examples, own project

Assessment board Lecturer
Assessment basis


Assessment criteria’s
PSA certificate Confirmation of participation in the activity.
Advice on personal career planning Individual recommendations.


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Hotel and breakfastif desired (Prices on request!)
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□ Single room – € ….. per person/night

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