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UNIT 5 Human resource (HR) management

UNIT 5-3 Leadership

Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U5-3
Activity type Training course in attendance:

2-days seminar

EQF-Level 6
Field Further education

Additional qualification

Target group – Painters and master painters

– Site managers, foremen

– Persons with corresponding previous knowledge from qualifications at least level 4


– Persons with corresponding previous knowledge from work experience

Entry requirement Min. knowledge, skills and competencies (responsibility and independence) Level 4 EQR and at least 5 years of professional experience
Provider, place of learning SBG Dresden mbH
Contact details of the provider SBG Dresden mbH

Ansprechpartner: René Günthel

Gutenbergstr. 6, D-01307 Dresden

Telefon 0351-4445-611

Lecturer / Trainer M. Muster – Expert*in for Corporate governance/HR management

(Short profile see questionnaire for lecturers)

Dates, duration of the activity Date: 07-09-2023 and 04-06-10-2023

Times: daily 8.00-17.00

Temporal utilization Full time
Prices per person (participant) Seminar fee: € 990.00 plus 19% VAT.

The price per person includes seminar participation & documentation, beverages during breaks & lunch, certificate of participation.

Max. Number of participants Max. 15 participants per seminar
Funding opportunities National framework conditions (e.g. education premium in Germany)
Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U5-3
Goals / field of competence Participants gain a complete overview of managing and leading complex technical or professional activities or projects. They take responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work or learning contexts.
Training tasks Description of detailed goals / content (fine goals). Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:
Knowledge He / she knows

·   the effects of leadership behavior on employees and the working atmosphere.

·   measures to motivate employees.

·   conflict resolution measures and strategies to prevent bullying.

·       the principles of leadership.

Skills He /she can

·      reflect on his / her own leadership behavior.

·      represent and explain the different styles and means of leadership and know the principles of leadership.

·      conduct feedback discussions with employees.

·       justify the importance of the working atmosphere.

Responsibility and autonomy He / she is able to

present the instruments of personnel management

and development.

Others Methodology

·        Project oriented lessons

·        Working on your own current project

·        Active exchange of experience

·        Practical examples and expert tips

·        Proven templates & checklists

·        Individual work, group work, plenary

·        Action orientation

Please bring along to the course/seminar!

·        Your own templates, your own project

·        Own laptop, notebook, etc.

Assessment board Seminar instructor (expert), PSA examination board.
Assessment basis


Performance assessment: written performance assessment (test/examination) and expert discussion.

Evaluation key: 100 points = max. achievable number of points.



The written performance assessment and the technical discussion are considered to have been passed if participants* have achieved at least sufficient performance (50 points or more).
PSA certificate Confirmation of participation in the activity and PSA certificate.
Advice on personal career planning Individual recommendations, e.g.

·        …



















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Hotel and breakfastif desired (Prices on request!)
Book your overnight stay in Baden with you! Overnight stay and breakfast (Please check where applicable!)

□ Single room – € ….. per person/night

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□ Breakfast – € ….. per person/day

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