MOOCs of sustainability in the Green Sector

One very important result from the EGREEN project was the development of two MOOCs. They function as the basis for the training programmes, and cover EQF levels 3 to 6.

The structure of the MOOCs is:

  • MOOC 1: Sustainable resource use in the Green Sector (EQF 3+4)
    • General introduction to EGREEN+ online courses
    • Biodiversity
    • Climate awareness
    • Recycling and composting
    • The problem of polymers (plastic)
  • MOOC 2: Sustainable businesses in the Green Sector (EQF 5+6)
    • General introduction to EGREEN+ online courses
    • Being an informed worker/consumer
    • Supply chain management
    • Circular economy
    • Innovative business practices

To access the MOOCs, follow these links:



You can also have a look at the diplomas and certificated you can get when finishing the MOOCs and training programmes:

Diplomas and certificates

Here is also a handbook for video recording, and the Skillsbank user manual. This document gives you a better understanding of how to use Skillsbank and video proof to strengthen your competence portfolio.

Handbook for video recording and Skillsbank user manual

Before you go to the MOOCs, it might be useful to have a look at these two videos. They explain what we mean by “Sustainability in the Green Sector”, and how to operate the MOOC platform. Both videos are also available in the introduction module in both MOOCs.

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