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Job-based Intensiv-Workshop

UNIT 1 Corporate governance

UNIT 1-3 Company formation (acquisition, shareholding, start-up) and business succession

Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U1-3
Activity type Three-day intensive workshop
EQF-Level 6
Field Problem solving workshop.

“Learning on the job” in a new form – the perfect combination in which the elaboration Management of your own project (working on your own projects) can be professionalized through new knowledge and accelerated through a concentrated working atmosphere. This workshop makes it possible to build up new knowledge and at the same time to develop your own conception as far as possible. The speaker with practical experience is available as a sparring partner. The direct speaker feedback and an undisturbed working atmosphere enable concentrated work on your project.

Target group Managers, master craftsmen (also across different industries)
Entry requirement Individuals with advanced skills who have mastered their subject and demonstrate innovative abilities.
Provider, place of learning SBG Dresden mbH
Contact details of the provider SBG Dresden mbH

Contact person: René Günthel

Gutenbergstr. 6, D-01307 Dresden

Telefon +49 351-4445-611

Lecturer / Trainer M. Muster – Expert*in for foundation (business takeover, business participation, start-up) and business succession

(Short profile see questionnaire for lecturers)

Dates, duration of the activity Dates: Oct. 30-Nov. 01, 20-22, 2023, and Dec. 11-13, 2023.

Times: daily 8.00-16.00 hrs.

Duration: 3 days face-to-face workshop

Telephone coaching: by appointment (approx. 4 weeks after the end of the workshop)

Temporal utilization Full time
Prices per person (participant) € 3,500.00 plus 19% VAT. The price per person includes the seminar participation & documents, drinks during breaks & lunch, certificate of attendance.
Max. Number of participants max. 15 persons per workshop
Funding opportunities National framework conditions (e.g. education bonus in germany)
Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U1-3
Goals / field of competence Participants gain a complete overview of managing and leading complex technical or professional activities or projects. They take responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work or learning contexts.
Training tasks Description of detailed goals / content (fine goals). Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:
Knowledge He / she knows

·    the national structure of craft organisations as well as the tasks and services offered by the individual organisations.

·    the benefits of membership in craft organizations.

·    and assesses the most important risk and old-age provision measures: social security systems, private personal and property insurance, old-age provision.

·    the personal, family and professional requirements of an entrepreneur as well as one’s own ability to independently run a craft business.

·    the essential characteristics of takeover, participation and start-up of a company.

·    the criteria for determining the purchase price when taking over the business and the drafting of the takeover contract.

·    and understands the regulations of the legal succession, weighs the possibilities of drafting the inheritance contract and will and observes the essential legal provisions.

Skills He / she can

·      assess and justify the position of the craft in the economy as well as the economic, social and cultural significance (macroeconomic context).

·      establish self-image and personal affiliation with the craft.

·      select the most important measures for risk and old-age provision (social security systems, private personal and property insurance, old-age provision).

·      select measures for a company takeover, participation and start-up.

·      can prepare the establishment of a business: knowing and assessing national offers (e.g. start-up advice, financing and support services, special offers for craft and SMEs, planning the start-up).

  Responsibility and autonomy He / she is able

·     to present and evaluate the importance of handicrafts in the economy and society.

·     to identify the requirements for an entrepreneur.

·     to examine the necessary risk and retirement provisions for the self-employed / entrepreneurs.

·     to apply the preparatory measures for a takeover or participation in a company and start-ups.

·     to present and justify the necessity of planning a company succession.

Further informations Methodology

–         Keynote speeches

–         Editing of your own current project

–         Active exchange of experiences

–         Practical examples and expert tips

–         Proven templates & checklists

–         Trainer as sparring partner

–         Transfer support through telephone coaching after approx. 4 weeks

Please bring it with you to the workshop!

–         Own templates, own project

–         Own laptop, notebook, etc.

Assessment board Lecturer
Assessment basis


Observation and documentation of the work process (videos, photos, etc.).
Assessment criteria’s Ability to work in a team, assertiveness.
PSA certificate Confirmation of participation in the activity.
Advice on personal career planning Individual recommendations.


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Hotel and breakfastif desired (Prices on request!)
Book your overnight stay in Dresden with you! Overnight stay and breakfast (Please check where applicable!)

□ Single room – € ….. per person/night

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□ Breakfast – € ….. per person/day

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By registering, I/we accept the SBG Dresden mbH terms and conditions of participation and business.

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