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Practical seminar

UNIT 9 Professional practice

UNIT 9-6 Historical painting techniques– Imitation of timber, Introduction / Part 1

Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U9-6
Activity type Training course in attendance:

2-day practical seminar

EQF-Level 6
Field Further education

Additional qualification

Target group – Journeymen and master painters

– Persons with relevant previous knowledge from qualifications level 4 EQR

– Persons with appropriate previous knowledge from professional experience

Entry requirement min. knowledge, skills and competencies (responsibility and independence)

Level 4 EQR

Provider, place of learning Provider: Gemeinnütziger Verein der Förderer des Malerhandwerks und seiner


Place of learning: HTL Baden, Malerschule Leesdorf

Contact details of the provider HTL Baden, Malerschule Leesdorf


+43 2252 80250 (FAX DW 22),

Lecturer / Trainer n.n.

Master painter, specialised in wood imitation

Termine, Dauer der Aktivität Two days (2 x 8 hours); 1 Teaching lesson = 50 min

Times: daily 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m

Temporal utilization Full time
Prices per person (participant) (1)    Cost of the activity 200,- € (minimum participantes 8)

(2)    Teaching material ca. 300,- €

(3)    Exam fees: no

Max. Number of participants Max. 10 participants per seminar
Funding opportunities No
Ident number of the activity / UNIT L6_U9-6
Goals / field of competence Timber Imitation Introduction / Part 1

This course will be taught in depth as followed:

–         Natural studies on the structure of wood

–         Painting techniques

The presentation takes place by means of theoretical basics of the respective craft techniques and the testing of the practical implementation

Training tasks Description of detailed goals / content (fine goals). Learning outcomes according to PSA qualification portfolio:
Knowledge He / she knows all specialist theoretical instruments for the creation of the high-quality painting and design technique “Imitation of timber”

–       History of timber painting

–       Types of timber and their characteristics

–       Substrate construction

–       Glazes and their composition (water glaze, beer glaze, oil glaze, pigments)

–       Tools and techniques to achieve different designs

Skills He / she plans, carries out and controls the high-quality painting and design technique “Imitation of timber and timber grain”.

–       Drawing exercises to accurately capture the grain image

–       Exercises in imitating different types of wood (e.g. oak, walnut, cherry, birch, maple, root wood)

Responsibility and autonomy He / she is able to apply the high-quality painting and design technique “Imitation of timber and timber grain” masterly.

–        Creating new surfaces and objects

–        Restoration of surfaces and objects

Assessment board Seminar leader (expert for “wood imitation”)
Assessment basis


Documentation of the work process (photos, videos,..)

Written report in words and pictures



70 % practical (skills)

30 % writing (knowledge) – Documentation

PSA certificate Confirmation of Participation in the Activity.
Advice on personal career planning


Individual recommendations, e.g.

–         Further training to consolidate and/or deepening skills


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